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JaiHo is a deflationary token with unique burning mechanism

 JaiHo token was launched with a total supply of 500 Million in Nov 2021 And as we reach the end of 2023, only 280 Million of supply is left in the market, which is believed to get even lesser in the coming year's. JaiHo has been designed in a way that the supply burns from time to time to keep its demand on an upward curve. Whenever anyone Buy or Sells, or transfers a JaiHo token, 9% of tax is charged..

JaiHo team doesn’t hold or hide even 1% of the overall supply, as 100% of the JaiHo tokens reside with our community. if is Hard to believe Just Join our Community and Ask

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Our mission is to build a community that can raise awareness surrounding crypto and blockchain and bring a crypto project to the market based on a revenue model.

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Jaiho Supply

After migration to the JaiHo Blockchain Mainnet, 1 JaiHo token will equal 1 JaiHo Native coin with a supply of 250 Million.
This means 50% less supply while the ratio stays the same.

500 Million
Total Supply
Total Burn/Dead
280 Million
Total Left In Market
0 Million
Supply with Team

What our Community Say

" It's unique with 100% supply hold by community. Total supply reduce by 50% and will continue to reduce with buyback-burn mechanism......"

" First, they have a very active and honest team. The devs always interact with holders and talk to them about plans and fulfill all the commitment.............."

" I'm not predicting  price But I'm sure one day every crypto investor will be know about  this project team didn't make any promises but team always working to grow......"

" Most transparent project, team working hard to build JaiHo ecosystem, no promises, no fake hype, no big dreams, 100% supply in holders hands......."

" Team holding zero,Quarterly buy back burn.......Own blockchain,Own charity application,Own swag store,Own NFT place and many more coming......."

" Jai ho project is transparent trusted project and total supply hold by holder not hold by owner... multiple usecase with this project... already prove its ........."


" The main reason behind starting JaiHo is to give people a kind of project whose control lies with the community and one in which people can put their trust."

Vikas Kumar

Founder and CEO of JaiHo

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