JaiHo Burning mechanism


 It was in Nov 2021 when the JaiHo token was launched with a total supply of 500M.

And as we reach the end of 2022, only 310M of supply is left in the market, which is believed to get even lesser in the coming year.

That’s right! JaiHo has been designed in a way that the supply burns from time to time to keep its demand on an upward curve.

Whenever anyone purchases or sells, or transfers a JaiHo token, 9% of tax is charged.

Out of this 4% get sent directly to the contact address, which might be considered a dead token if not used.

1% is burned automatically when anyone buys or sells, or transfers JaiHo tokens.

2% of the supply is sent to a wallet, where it is burned regularly to maintain the demand.

This means that eventually, 7% out of the 9% of tax income is burned.

Even the leftover 2% is distributed to the token holder via automatic reflection, thus boosting the value of the tokens in their valet.

The JaiHo token supply keeps getting reducing as this process repeats itself, leaving JaiHo in scarcity.

JaiHo will use a fair share of the overall profits to maintain its own e-commerce, application, and blockchain, while the rest is burned out to maintain the price and supply of the token.When it comes to crypto, the number of projects with 100% market supply is minimal, and JaiHo is probably one of the only few of them which gives you a decentralized system where the control lies with you, the users.

Our team doesn’t even have 1% of the total supply! If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask them in the JaiHo group so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to investing in JaiHo.

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