Jaiho aims to be different. Our unique blockchain project will run on a high level of transparency and decentralization. The token supply will be 100% available to community members, with the developer team having no hold on any supply whatsoever.

Introducing JaiHo

JaiHo is India’s 1st 100% Decentralized Blockchain-Based project Using Blockchain For Web3 To DTC. There are many things that make JaiHo vastly different from other crypto-currency projects in the market.


The main reason behind starting JaiHo is to give people a kind of project whose control lies with the community and one in which people can put their trust.

Vikas Kumar (Founder, CEO)


At JaiHo, our mission is to build a community that can raise awareness surrounding crypto and blockchain and brings a crypto project to the market based on a revenue model. Just like a company’s value in the stock market is determined by the product it offers, JaiHo tokens have multiple use cases that make them valuable to end users bringing revenue that can aid the long-term growth of our tokens.


JaiHo is a truly community-focused project. We don’t call it community-focused just because we want to use any fancy name. The JaiHo team actually thinks for the community and always discusses things first with the community. Even before launching our project, the JaiHo team focused on educating our community about crypto because we believe that education is more important than investment. If you’re an influencer and want to tell your community about JaiHo, the best way to learn about JaiHo is by joining our community and asking questions to our community. If you find anything wrong, want to give suggestions, or want to clear doubts,
Website: www.jaiho.technology
Telegram: https://t.me/JaiHoOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaiHoCrypto




Community Members