Build on JaiHo Chain like never Before

JaiHo is a public blockchain aims to offer Fast transaction with Low gas fees, Our blockchain can achieve a remarkable (“Transactions Per Second”) (TPS ) up to 100,000  and 3s Block Time. JaiHo Chain relies on a system of PoA consensus that can support short block time and lower will integrate with DeFi protocols, NFT projects, dApps, gameFI and the Metaverse.

Technical Docs

Challenges and Solutions

JaiHo is here to solve some of the problems that exist in the current blockchain-based projects such as high gas fees and network Speed and with aim bring Blockchain to real life usecases.. JaiHo blockchain will require low gas for sending transactions including, - approving tokens, calling smart contract functions, and deploying smart contracts, users will be able to send tokens instantly to anywhere with a low gas fee. Developers can Deploys a JBC20 smart contract for digitalize assets .

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