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MrSwag is a part of web3-based commerce, where you can enjoy the exclusive experience of NFTs with lucrative discounts. This recent launch will enable any influencer and vendor to launch their NFT against their physical products on Mrswag, and that too without making any investment. The JaiHo team will handle everything from production to shipping. We will also bring an affiliate program to it that will enable NFT creators to make regular earnings on product sales. NFT holders can also connect their NFT to MrSwag to enjoy the web3 experience, where they will be offered special discounts and exclusive JaiHo token airdrop. A portion of the revenue earned from MrSwag will be used by the JaiHo team to buy back tokens every 3 months and burn them to maintain the price growth. This buyback process will be repeated every 3 months to ensure that our token's value goes up continuously.


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